What is RestoreSure?

RestoreSure 2015

RestoreSure is a compact, intelligent backup system designed specifically for near real-time laptop, mobile and server file protection.

Use your existing hardware, cloud or virtualized systems to host automatic & secure in-house network backup services for remote and office computers.

Download our free starter version and begin protecting your data now!

RestoreSure is Great for...

  • Remote Internet/VPN laptop backup
  • Office laptop & desktop backup
  • File server backup
  • Multi-version file restore
  • Self-service restore from the desktop
  • Protecting data in near real-time

With no users to configure, RestoreSure is simple to deploy across your network.

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RestoreSure - It's Automatic.

How Much?

RestoreSure business subscriptions start from just £30 / $45*.

All subscriptions include:

  • Remote monitoring tools
  • Regular updates
  • 1Yr Support

Site education subscriptions available!

* USD estimate based on current exchange rates.

Self-Service Restore Direct from the Desktop

RestoreSure allows standard network users to recover deleted or previous-version files direct from the desktop with no administrator intervention, eliminating costly and time consuming helpdesk calls.

Restore Direct from the Windows Desktop Restore from the Desktop

Browsing your RestoreSure Network using RestoreSure Explorer

Use the RestoreSure Explorer application to browse all your network backup repositories as one unified file system, be they in your corporate datacenter, cloud or local LAN.

RestoreSure Explorer


"RestoreSure has been the cornerstone of our file store and laptop backup for 6 or more years now. It’s one of my favourite systems we run as it offers low maintenance and performance overheads, good reporting, logical configuration and great functionality, exactly how good software should be. It was simple to implement and has offered excellent reliability. It is true peace of mind backup software".

Jo Cox. ICT Manager. St Clare’s, Oxford.


Get started with RestoreSure for FREE!  (supports 3 Vista/Win7/8/10 PCs) RestoreSure FreeGet RestoreSure for Free!